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ThunderClan camp is situated at the foot of a dry, sandy ravine and sheltered by thorn bushes, which makes it hard to attack and easy to defend. The entrance is well hidden, and the entire rift was formed by the flow of an ancient river. This river shaped many of the features in the camp, particularly the rocks, and sand can still be found in great quantities here. Tall ferns and trees keep the birds of prey out while still allowing the sun in. Near the ravine is a small spring, which is a perfect water source, close and accessible.

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Mar 7, 2024 3:27:45 GMT -8

The ThunderClan Forest is filled with deciduous trees and home to many different kinds of animals. It is generally a bright and summer-like place, even when the bitter cold of leaf-bare bites the stones and freezes the ground. The prey found here includes - but is not limited to - mice, voles, squirrels, rabbits and birds. ThunderClanners stay upwind of their prey, stalking it until they are at a close enough distance to strike. The trees are bushy and cheerful, and the forest is almost always plentiful in prey. However, there are dangerous places that a cat must beware of, such as Snakerocks or the Thunderpath. Sunningrocks, too, is a place to be wary of; it is a place of many battles over territory with RiverClan, but ThunderClan currently keeps a tight hold on the area, despite their dislike for swimming and fishing.

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The RiverClan camp is an island, situated in the middle of the river that gives the clan its name. This island is surrounded by tough reeds, and its location makes it fairly easy to defend from invaders, who are often not keen to cross the running water. Stepping stones provide slightly easier access for RiverClan cats, particularly during winter months when dropping into the freezing water can mean death. However, after a heavy rain, the stepping stones - and the RiverClan camp - are often underwater, or at least partially submerged. RiverClan has had a history of being forced to evacuate in heavy storms. As RiverClan primarily hunts fish, it is not difficult to hunt directly from camp, and as a result, RiverClan cats are often the most well-fed Clan in all seasons. RiverClan dens are either structures of mud and reeds, as with the warrior and apprentice dens, or fashioned in a comfortable space underneath the sparse trees that dot the island.

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Oct 8, 2023 10:29:45 GMT -8

RiverClan's territory is dominated by the river, which flows through the heart of the terra and then curves to form the border with ThunderClan. The rest of RiverClan's territory is generally marshy, muddy, and reedy, although the part near ThunderClan has deciduous trees. These trees are not close enough to be called a forest, but they do form a shade on hot days. The marshy portion of RiverClan territory has a few sink holes, which can be - and often are - dangerous to cats not familiar with the territory; out of all the Clans, RiverClan's land is perhaps the most easily defendable. As RiverClan's primary prey is fish, the cats spend most of their hunting time near one part or another of the river. However, they also know how to hunt other prey, and they can often find mice, squirrels, low flying birds, and the like in the trees.

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Mar 7, 2024 11:00:02 GMT -8


The WindClan camp is situated within a circle of steep hills, and the high walls provide shelter from harsh weather and predators. Tall grass, brush, and shrubbery provide a form of confinement. Despite that, it is easy for any living cat to slip away because of the fern tunnel that leads to bare valley uplands. Most cats dig tunnels for their nests, others use the dug out caves or craggy hillsides as a form of security and shelter. Since the 2013 fire, the camp has been redesigned with safety and comfort in mind, and though the willow tree was burned to a stump, WindClan cats have rolled boulders around it and built a platform of branches that offers a measure of the shade and presence the willow tree once had.

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Mar 10, 2024 1:04:01 GMT -8

WindClan territory mainly consists of tall grasses, boulders, and at times shallow ponds or muddy pools. Crows and rabbits flock their territory, leaving the WindClan cats to put their lean and agile bodies to good use out on the plains where hunting is fast and sharp. Foxes have left abandoned caves on the outlands of their territory, and are the most popular predator to step paw on their land. Lucky for them, WindClan cats aren't big fighters, because their ability mostly sticks to the grounds of hunting. Steep cliffs can also be found on WindClan's territory, as well as hills that make up most of the area. Although they have few water sources because of the dry ground, ponds and streams can be found here and there. During the winter, birds usually go south, and the rabbits hibernate, making WindClan perhaps the most vulnerable in the cold season. Underground tunnels also dot the landscape, old warrens made by rabbits, badgers, and foxes, but not even WindClan knows the full extent of these tunnels - and beware, they are as prone to changing as the weather, and can be as just as dangerous.

As of March 2017, all areas damaged by the 2013 fire have regrown and been restored. There are still signs of the fire, like burned tree stumps or charcoal-smudged rocks, and if you dig into the ground there's a layer of ash, but otherwise at surface level the territory looks healed and growing.

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Settled in between a large depression of pine trees, the ShadowClan camp often requires a second, third, or even fourth take to be seen. Ferns and other shrubbery keep it hidden behind layers of leaves, and the inability to pinpoint its exact location is detrimental to invading forces or predators. A large tunnel made out of brush and vines leads from the hollow to the territory, and it is an ingenious thing, appearing as a tangled black mass even to those familiar with it. The pine trees cover most cats who decide to leave camp, shedding the sharp scent of sap and coating the forest floor with pine needles. Dark dirt coated with these needles is the ground for the ShadowClanners; however, grass can be found in large quantities in the summertime, especially in the sunnier spots. Most of the dens for the ShadowClan cats are in caves, burrows underground, or even in decayed tree trunks. Because of the trees, in the winter time most cats don't have to fret about snow plummeting straight into their camp, but they do have to watch out for falling mountains of snow, dropped when the branch can no longer sustain the weight being put upon it. Probably their most clear concern would be twolegs, because their nesting grounds are not as distance as they would have liked.

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Feb 19, 2024 12:47:22 GMT -8

Mud and grass carpets half of ShadowClan's land. The combination of textures, resulting in a rather liquid and boggy state, makes ShadowClan's land unattractive. Ponds already diluted with mud and algae can be seen in some areas. Lucky for them, a large narrow stream cuts straight across their territory, filled with minnows and frogs; frogs have become another common dish for ShadowClan, seeing as their territory caters to them. But ShadowClan's main delicacy is crows and magpies, seen commonly on their grounds; rabbits are rarer, but no less coveted. In wintertime, when the ponds and stream are frozen, ShadowClan cats are forced to eat berries, nuts, and small mice or voles - which they detest. In contrast, the other side of ShadowClan territory is relatively pleasant, consisting of dry land, grass and pine trees. Brush, ferns, and other shrubbery is evident on both sides of ShadowClan, but seen more on the lush side of camp.

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Aug 15, 2023 17:34:42 GMT -8

liminal spaces

Long ago, the Clans split their territories along four distinct geographical features/landmarks, and the borders have held even as the years have passed. Between ThunderClan and RiverClan sits the river, roaring and rushing; between Shadow and Thunder lies the thunderpath. Another thunderpath runs between Shadow and Wind, but it is the large meeting house that most cats will remember. A steep gorge, older than the Clans themselves, marks the border between RiverClan and WindClan.

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Oct 1, 2023 7:13:12 GMT -8

Four great oaks tower above a circular, sandy hollow, a place for the Clans to meet together in peace every full moon. With roots that have been tangled together by time, they stretch up to the sky, and between their branches the heavens are just visible. A large rock lies near the edge of the hollow, and it is from here, with their Clans assembled before them, that the leaders announce their news from at the Gatherings.

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Sept 12, 2021 21:45:15 GMT -8

A day's trip beyond the Clan borders, at the place where flat ground first begins to dream of the possibility of mountains, sits the Clan's sacred spaces: highstones and moonstone. Here, the connection between Earth and the Clans' starry ancestors is the strongest, particularly if visited on a full or new moon. Only high ranks and small, lucky patrols ever travel out this far; to the rest of the Clan, these spaces exist more in legend than in reality.

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Jul 17, 2023 15:09:26 GMT -8


The new BloodClan camp is set in a large, abandoned warehouse in the heart of industrial way. Surrounded by others of its kind, the warehouse was once a bustling hive of activity, constantly used for storage and other such activities. As the factories began to close, though, the warehouses began to fall into disuse. Towering and impressive, the warehouse is easily four times the size of the last BloodClan camp, with high windows, scaffolding, and old cargo boxes that were never moved set deep against the far wall. Once host to a homeless human, a pipeline feeds water into a rain barrel and then into a pan in a corner, while a small herb garden flourishes against the wall. The huge doors are chained shut, but a hole just big enough for a grown human to crawl through provides an entrance for the Clan cats, hidden by bushes and trash. There is too much space in the open floor for the BloodClan cats to be truly confident in their new camp, but there is no question that it is nicer and far more secure than their old camp.

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Oct 1, 2023 7:10:07 GMT -8

When BloodClan moved from their old camp, their territory borders had to be redrawn and redefined. They managed to claim more territory than they had ever previously had, though only the area directly around the warehouse is enforced to the death. Their borders now span all the way from their old camp to the edges of the industrial district, and then inwards as far as the park in the inner city. BloodClan cats tend to wander wherever they like in the city, some even going so far as to head into the East Side or Suburbs, so there is no limit to where a Clan cat will travel - but once they're beyond their borders, they are considered fair game by any other rogue or enemy cat that may be traveling the streets. It's less common to find a BloodClan cat heading into the forest; when they do, they conscientiously stay away from Clan territory, preferring to stick instead to the area beyond the graveyard and along Exit 591.

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Dec 31, 2023 18:50:52 GMT -8

beyond the forest

The lands around the forest are home to loners and rogues, friend and foe, prey and predator alike - anyone the Clans have pushed off their land, and who have not found a home in the city or beyond. Venturing into these foreign lands is entirely at the adventurer's own risk, particularly if they are Clan; not everyone bears goodwill towards the groups of cats that have taken over the best parts of the forest. Still, though, the surrounding lands around the Clan territories can be considered as a territory in-and-of itself, and certainly boast some impressive features - from the windswept fields to the barren graveyard, as long as you stay away from the rogues and the two-legs, you will find an entirely new world waiting to be explored.

A bustling metropolis of activity, the city in which BloodClan makes their home and the four Clans live just far enough away from is slightly larger than the borough of the Bronx. However, most of the development focus has been directed solely on the inner city – an area perhaps one-third of the whole acreage - rather than expansion or upkeep of the outer neighborhoods. Not necessarily progressive enough to be noticed or derelict enough to be mourned, the city is almost in its own world, comfortably familiar and moving along at its own pace. By no means is it backwards, of course; technologically and architecturally competent with the rest of the world, it could potentially become quite an influential place. Now, however, it is just another spot on the map, broken into easily recognizable districts that play out their own little dramas and are involved in their own dreams. If you stay here long enough, you’ll quickly fall into routine, coming quickly to the realization that this city is just as alive as places twice its size.

Jun 11, 2023 3:30:03 GMT -8

The mountain range stands tall and proud directly to the west of the city, the snow-capped peaks just far enough away to be a journey but close enough to be a familiar part of the landscape. It's impossible to see where the range ends and where it begins, but everyone knows what lies on the other side, if only through legend: the ocean. First, though, one must pass through the mountains themselves, which is a treacherous journey - you must traverse ice and snow, cliffs and rocky terrain, dense forests that give way to vulnerably open ground at timberline, and entirely new predators and threats. It's beautiful, of course, but don't ever let your guard down, or think you'll find allies to help you, as a result - even the Tribe of Rushing Water can be as dangerous as the mountains they live in.

Mar 25, 2023 6:10:33 GMT -8

If you follow the train tracks out of Union Station, you'll inevitably end up heading west towards the mountains and beyond. Though there are places where the railway diverges - one set of tracks leads north against the base of the range, the other south - the main lines always persist towards the mountains themselves. Inevitably, you'll end up traveling over the range, emerging hopefully unscathed on the other side (the snows can make the passage difficult). There, the tracks begin to split in earnest, heading in all directions, but keep going straight and before long you'll end up at the ocean. The coastline is a mix of rugged and gentle; the town where the train stops before it heads off is another place built around industry, though trending towards a quiet sort of tourism as the years wear by. If you take the train, it takes two days of unbroken traveling to arrive; if you take another method, it will take considerably longer. Either way, when you finally arrive, Oceanside - cursed by a fairly even mix of cloud and sun - is an excellent place to spend a while.

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